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Havering Road Methodist Church

Tweedway 50+ Sports/Tweedway Social Club update.

An encouraging number met on Tuesday July 23rd and we are hopeful that the club will be able to relaunch in September. It will remain once a fortnight but the start time has come forward so the meeting will be held from 7.30-9.30pm. Roughly divided as 45 minutes general chat, play sports (snooker, table tennis, board games, bowls, darts.....) Then tea break followed by a more whole group focussed event such as quiz, team or group game of some kind.......... whatever the members suggest they would like.
They are meeting again on Tuesday 30th July to finalise thinking.
Keep an eye open for info in September.

Methodist Youth Movement - 3Generate

The Methodist Youth Manifesto is to your right.  I think we can all agree to sign up for it and work and serve to these ends regardless of our age.  Have a look at what they are saying.  It is a real encouragement that their are young people with the desire to live out the gospel.

To your left: Ready for our open air meditation at the foot of the corss on Good Friday, and above:  The beauty and glory of Easter Sunday.

Craft Day

Saturday September 21st from 10.00am-5.00pm

Come and join us with whatever you dabble in - knitting, modelling, painting, embroidery - whatever.  Lunch and refreshments provided.  At Craft day we create a space to use as you wish, so if craft is not your thing just come and be, chat, read a book - whatever.  We are created in God's image, come explore your creative side.

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