Prayer is at the heart of any christian community.  If you worship with us regularly you will be part of a small pastoral cluster who pray for each other.   If you would like a prayer request included in worship on a Sunday or within the Prayer Pot group eacvh month please use the contacts page.

Prayer Page

Give thanks for The Build and all the good things God will do in the amazing space he has provided
Give thanks for God's continued blessings through our worship and pray that our celebration weekend will be spirit filled.
Pray for those in hospital or awaiting appointments and operations
Pray for those grieving - and those with loved one's very ill
Pray for the Spirit of God to guide us in everything we do - worship, work, family and leisure.
Give thanks for new people sharing with us - at SaMoCo and in worship.
Pray our purpose statement, that we will discover God together through the Build process, grow in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit, understand ourselves forgiven and therefore ready to share God's love and welcome all to our church.

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